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We firmly believe just as it takes a village to raise a child, successful digital transformation will take a community approach to become outcomes-driven and deliver a positive impact. We are building an ecosystem of communities through a world’s first digital transformation consortium branded as DXHub. DXHub is a central place for all things digital transformation, giving executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and educators access to insights and information needed to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, But A Video Shows A Thousand Pictures so of course this is where we are starting out with at DXHub. A series of videos that will get experts actual experiences on what it takes to transform successfully. We are starting out with DX Trailblazer Series.

DX Trailblazer: While they may not be the first responders - these leaders are doing everything they can to keep their startups, multi-national businesses, products, services, departments, teams humming and buzzing by innovating new ideas, enhancing their current businesses, and or transforming their business entirely in these trying times. They are Trailblazers because they are pioneering, innovating, transforming in these uncharted global economic conditions. This series is a must-watch as you DX your own business.

Sundeep Sanghavi
Chief Transformation Czar
Introduction Video

Dharmesh Trivedi
Co-Founder & CEO

Vivek Mehta
Co-Founder & CEO


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