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At the core of every high-growth startup or company lies a single-minded focus on being outcomes-driven.

To usher in a new outcomes-driven economy we innovate and invest in transformative ideas leveraging an ecosystem of three key practices:

Invest and Innovate

Whether we are investing in you, or investing in our own ideas, we have one mission: producing outcomes-driven companies. And that’s just the beginning. Providing funding is one way we help, but driving growth is what makes us trailblazers. We help you realize your full potential by providing a proven playbook, insights, and end-to-end support that covers strategy, sales, marketing, engineering, design, UI and UX, customer success, finance, HR, IT, recruiting and funding. It’s this prescriptive combination of resources that will enable you to accelerate your growth and avoid the pitfalls that hold so many startups back.

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Blaze your own path


We are empowering through education with DXExplorra. In order to educate the workforce on how to instill outcomes-driven digital transformation practices we have developed the world’s first curriculum of certified digital transformation training courses. These courses equip individuals with a comprehensive suite of tools and skills across the data-life-cycle, from when the data is born until the data is utilized in various business systems, products, or services. Our team of mentors, partners, and faculty are responsible for delivering over $20 billion dollars of direct client outcomes and over 25 years of institutional teaching experience.

Become a DXNinja


We firmly believe just as it takes a village to raise a child, successful digital transformation will take a community approach to become outcomes-driven and deliver a positive impact. We are building an ecosystem of communities through a world’s first digital transformation consortium branded as DXHub. DXHub’s purpose is to create an ecosystem that connects startups, corporate giants, venture capitalists, angel investors, universities, training institutes, governments, and people whose common goal is to empower successful outcomes-driven digital transformation.

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Ideas are only as good as your ability to execute them. You have the next big idea. Our business is to help you blaze your own trail and realize its full potential. Sounds like a perfect match?

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