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Three institutions all obsessed with an audacious vision of creating an Outcomes Driven Economy

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Ushering in an “Outcomes Driven Economy”

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trillion was spent on digital transformation in 2018
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There’s never been a technology wave quite as powerful as the Digital Transformation (DX).

$1.1 trillion was spent globally on DX in 2018. But unfortunately, a large portion of that figure represents bad investments, driven by the misguided approach of “exponential experimentation” to push the digital agenda. The result, collectively, has been a “Pile of Massive Digital Failures.”

Dissecting a Global Existential Crisis with the Top Minds in DX:

Puzzled by the breadth and depth of digital transformation failures causing the corporate world to fall into this crisis, four thought leaders came together to deeply study the root cause of both successes and failures in digital initiatives with proven backgrounds in leading successful digital transformations in different domains.



digital transformation projects fail

After studying thousands of digital transformation use cases across the globe and industries, a key factor rose to the top in every single successful transformation:

At its core, DX has to be Outcomes Driven & Data Powered

An Outcomes Driven mindset needs to be ingrained into the culture, vision, mission, and most importantly, ongoing execution. It just can’t be a one time project or a Proof of Concept, what and how cannot be gut instinct or guesswork, one must leverage the data to prioritize, identify, and maximize the Outcomes.

These insights have led the founders to an audacious vision and dream of creating an Outcomes Driven Economy.

Who we are:

Our partners are comprised of the veritable “who’s who” of the AI & data world, with over $2b+ in client outcomes generated, decades of AI, and Data Science experience with 10 notable company exits. DXPartners is operating at full steam ahead, with offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Sydney, Bangalore, and Ahamdabad.



in outcomes generated


years of AI/ML/Data Science experience


successful exits
Our Vision:

To create the world’s first Outcomes Driven Economy.

The company has launched an industry’s first Outcome Driven Platform. The Outcomes Platform comes prepackaged with attributes from thousands of successful DX use cases that once fused with client data and external data, automagically identify DX Solutions that deliver guaranteed successful outcomes. And it's available to every company, industry, and entrepreneur today.

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